We know you might have already asked google, for quick and easy long curly ponytail tutorial.

Maybe you were wondering how to put on a ponytail? while you were impatiently waiting to grow out your hair. Or you just came here for a little ponytail hack or two. Anyhow, we would love to share, how to easily and effortlessly apply the Blake Pony, our 26 inch wavy hair ponytail extension. Blake will give your ponytail a new lease of life, adding extra length and volume.

Blake is your power woman alter ego. She did not come to play, and she sure will take you from 0-100 in just 1 minute. She is mermaid wavy and long, made from premium synthetic cashmere fibers. She will give you a full ponytail and a luxurious feel to it, without the headache you can get, when you pull your hair tight.

Follow these steps and you’ll be flipping your power pony around town, like the boss babe you are.


First we Prep

Before applying, gently brush the Blake Ponytail. Start brushing from the end of the ponytail and work your way up, in sections.

Step 1

Your bio hair has to be dry and free of tangles. Now, make a high ponytail, low ponytail or bun (depending on the style you are going for) with your bio hair and secure with an elastic.

Step 2

Take your Blake ponytail, and tuck in the clip of the Blake ponytail in to your own ponytail.

Step 3

Now, using the Velcro part, you wrap around the pony, until it is nice and secure.



- you can add a couple of bobby pins, or an elastic band to keep it secure. Or you can join the scrunchie gang, for a little ekstra styling.

- If you want a seamlessly blended look, try putting your own hair in a bun, instead of just a ponytail, when prepping.


And that is how you apply a ponytail extension.

Just remember, the more you play around with applying ponytails, the easier it becomes. And suddenly you are the ponytail style queen. Share your look with us by tagging @ellenciago in your image, with #ciagobabe