Hi Bellas

you may ask which hair color shade blends best with my own shade?

Here is our tips for color matching yourself.

1. Tip. All the Way Up! Turn up your brightness on your screen.

despite our very best effort to accurately display, our colors of our hair pieces throughout different screens. it is a major lift to your color view, if you turn the brightness of your screen all the way up.

2. Tip. Visit our product page on the website, here you will find, closeups of the colors.

3.Tip. I would say, think of blending colors, instead of the perfect match. You need to know that, when you buy hair, that in general no shade is a perfect match. Mostly hair is blended with different shades, to get your ideal hair color match.

4. Matching hair color to roots or ends

If your bio hair is ombre colored or highlighted, you can match hair to both roots and ends, when you are going for a ponytail. depends on the style your going for. 


Remember that we are here to help, if you need it. DM us on Instagram if you need help, with color matching.