while we Love hair, and slaying it all around town, we need to remember to also take good care of it. This will give your hair longer life.

Let me help you out on, how to properly care for your synthetic hair.


- Use mild shampoo, conditioner, let the hair soak for 5 minutes.

- Now rinse with cold water.

- Use towel to squeeze out water.

- Leave 24 hours to dry. Do not apply direct heat. 

Heat Resistance: Heat resistant up to 180 degrees Celsius, but if you want to keep the style, we do not recommend heat styling, you will lose the perfect waves.

Care tips:

  1. Brush lightly before and after wearing.
  2. When brushing, start at the bottom. Working your way up slowly. Be gentle, because the fibers can stretch, which can cause breakage, therefore Avoid brushing from top to bottom ends.
  3. You can use a detangling spray before brushing to help remove and prevent tangles.


Store by reusing the packaging box , to prevent tangles while not in use. 


And that's how to take care of synthetic extensions, wigs and ponytails.

May 21, 2023 — Samantha Olet