How to apply clip in hair extensions

Hi Bellas, 

we are here to spill the tea on just how easy ellenciago clip in extensions are to apply. And even better, take them in and out as much as you want. no damage.

Using our 5 piece, 22" Go-To Glam wavy hair clip in extensions.

Start with Prep

make sure your hair is dry and tangle free.

Step 1

Use a comb or your finger to section off a layer of hair at the nape.

(Three wider pieces, are supposed to be attached to the back of your hair, and the two narrow pieces are supposed to be attached to the sides of your hair- this gives you an all-round volume look) 

Step 2

Now pop open the clips, of one of the 3 wide wefts, starting from the middle clip, you now press on each of the clips to close. you will hear a click sound. Do this evenly throughout the sectioned part of your hair, as close to your roots as possible.

Step 3

Section of a second layer and repeat until done. 

(the 2 small wefts, are applied approximately above your ear. they help create volume and blend layers.)

Step 4

Gently brush your hair and check to be sure that your clips are not visible. 


Step 5 

You are now officially a #Ciagobabe


And that is how to apply Clip in hair extensions.



- Use hairspray, and a rat tail comb, to tease your hair. (this prevents your extensions from sliding). Or tjeck out our hair hack on IG if your not good with hairspray.

- Tjeck out our quick and easy hair extension tutorial on our IG TV, if you prefer visuals.


Also, remember. Practice makes perfect. The more you apply your extensions, the better you get. Before you know it, you are the next hair extension styling master. 

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